Saturday, 6 July 2013

Went for a ride to the John Thompson Inn and brewery at Ingleby with Mrs Benchdonkee.


  1. 'Mrs Benchdonkee', hilarious mate, in a comic, 'Carry On' kinda way . . . maaaaaate, the tracker looks absolutely superb, right on the money my friend, the Kwaka's pretty damn sweet as well.

  2. No, really, that's her name!! She's very precious about her W650 too, won't let me near it with hacksaw! But they are a damn fine bike, better than a metric Trumpet in my humble.

    1. Just about to head out the door and came back for a quick eyefull, way cool mate . . . agree wholeheartedly about the Kwaka vs Trumpy as well, very man and his cafe riding dog has one yet the Kwaka completely replicates the nature of the original, enjoy the day with Mrs Benchdonkee . . . having seen what you do to perfectly good bikes I wouldn't let you into the same fucking street !!! Ha ha ha !!!