Saturday, 25 January 2014

A bit more done to Sal's bobber. I've got the rear struts made and tacked up, just need to machine a clevis type bottom mount to fit the new tabs on the axle plates.


  1. those mudguard struts remind me of something that happened when i was a little grommet . Me and my mate were tannin down hill on our bicycles , he was on my sisters, i looked over just in time to see the rusted out struts on the front mudguard fail, the mudguard sun around , jammed the front wheel and then the handlebars removed his teeth.
    Shit you not, i saw the whole fucking thing in slow motion . sometimes i wake up at night sweating , checking that i still have my teeth.
    You better bolt them fuckers on well…..

  2. Ouch!! I'll bear that in mind!!!