Sunday, 27 April 2014

Me and Daz had a great day at Leicester Speedway today watching the opening round of the DTRA championships. Both Oily Rob#11 and Brad#76 on their new bikes had a good day too! Roll on Coventry!!


  1. Some cracking pics in there, soon be back on the bikes for Coventry!

    1. Cheers Brad, good to see you in action again!!

  2. EFFIN well done for making the effort to come out . It was good to see you two. And you managed to bag some ace pickies, I especially like the one where I'm kickin Brads ass.
    I'll steel that one and hang it on his garage wall.

  3. Great to see you too Rob, and to meet MRS Oily! Good to see you getting the hang of that new bike!