Friday, 5 September 2014

I've just finished reading Odgie's memoirs, his story in his own words, brilliantly and entertainingly written with some amazing pics. A very talented and interesting chap, recommended to all shed dwellers everywhere!


  1. I've just ordered a copy. I've always found Crazy Odge to be an interesting guy

  2. I've never heard of the fella but he looks like the kind that can spin a good yarn. I'll get a copy

  3. a true gent indeed, his anthill mob exploits are legendary! he kicked back street heroes in the bollocks and along with rich king lil mark and 'airnet' [excuse me, me and the lovely red headed, six-foot godess had a bit of a 'moment' back in the day at a mag protest run when she informed me she had nowhere to sleep and i had a two-man tent, ahem] anyway, they were responsible for setting up the legendary 'a.w..o.l' magazine, remember peep's this is pre-interweb malarkey, they shot the custom bike scene's leading magazine down in flames, all a sudden there was an alternative magazine for the rocker's/raver's/traveller's/outlaw's and everyone outside the normal culture, a truly ground breaking publication, run on friendship and brotherhood and a policy of fuck you you fucking fuck's, odgie, engineer, prophet, anarchist and biscuit eater..........

    1. A proper chap doing proper stuff, and a nice bloke to boot!