Thursday, 10 March 2016

Been collecting parts to build a board track style bike. Nothing set in stone yet, just an idea.

BSA M20 frame, qd rear hub and pre-war 3 speed hand change box. J.A.P. 600cc side valve engine, Dresch 350 forks and unknown 23" front wheel.


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    1. Cheers Rob, prob not gonna start the build 'til winter, plenty other stuff wants doing first!

  2. Hello , I bought the same engine, in future also I want to make similar project like You. Which carburator will be good for this engine? Amal 276? Do You have any manuals for this engine, very difficult is to find something in internet about this model. This was industrial engine, only adapted for motocylkes I understand..

  3. Hi Pawel.
    In the UK the engine was used in a lot of agricultural machines, predominantly the Howard Gem rotavator. Parts and info are still available. As for carburettor, you could use the original as fitted to a Howard, available second hand on Ebay, or maybe go for an Amal concentric, cheaper and easier to tune than the 276.
    How far have you got with your build, do you have any pics?