Saturday, 3 June 2017

I've been riding the SR250 to work and back but been unhappy with the carb.

I think the standard cv carb is still slightly blocked in the pilot circuit from standing so long and there are pin holes in the diaphragm. Thought I'd make a manifold to fit an Amal concentric, I know these a little better than the original cv setup. It's running now and with a little rejetting and fettling should be fine.


  1. An Amal on a jap bike? What an unholy union! I salute you, sir! ;-)

    These engines can be brought up to around 300cc with stock Yamaha pistons and I guess with a slight cam regrind could be made really poky! (for a 300cc 4-stroke commuter)

    Let me know if this tickles a fancy, because then I'll try to find the notebook, where I took everything down for such a project...