Thursday, 19 October 2017

I started work on Random's bitsa chopper a while before it arrived here.

He brought round me a set of Ceriani Forks and yokes, a Yamaha hub laced to a 21" rim and a Suzuki tls brake plate. I had to make up an arbour to machine the face of the brake plate down, then open up the slot in it to take an aluminium torque stop which I had welded to the fork slider. Then machine up a spacer for the other side, all to get the wheel to run centrally in the forks. I seem to remember there was also some messing around with bearings and spacers inside the hub to get it to spin without catching the brake plate. No such thing as a five minute job, but at least when the bike arrived it was hopefully going to be a relatively easy job to get the new front end in!

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