Sunday, 4 March 2018

6 years yesterday I started this blog 'cos Daz said it was a good idea. Just as a record of this and future builds.

I'd always built and messed around with bikes and wanted to build something similar to the bikes that the Wrenchmonkees (where the blog name originated) were creating at the time. Z750 twins were a tad too expensive and their smaller sibling the Z400 were just as good looking and easier on the pocket.
So onwards via a cafe racer, street tracker and a few unfinished projects back to the British bikes that I've always loved, a couple of bob jobs and now Random's chop.
When I first got into bikes in the early 80s, I was in my mid teens, BSH had just been born and I wanted a proper chopper. More years than I like to think about have passed and I seem to be heading back in that direction.