Saturday, 17 March 2018

Having a bike cull!

I've decided to move some bikes on, stuff that's taking up time and space that could be put to better use.
The first one to go will be the SR250, gonna put it on the 'bay tomorrow. Next I've got a standard Z440 that's a little rough cosmetically but runs ok and will have an mot. Then the 400/4 café racer which I'm going to treat to a new tank, hidden battery and powder coated frame. After that the Prattstyle Z440 will be up for grabs and finally my 1929 CN500 Triumph project which I've finally come to realise I'm never going to get round to restoring.
When they're all gone I'll have much more room and some cash towards something I really want, maybe a flathead Harley or similar.

1 comment:

  1. I totally understand the thought. After being down to two bikes on the road, I can tell you it's quite... relieving not to be forced to maintain five or six bikes. The SR250 really ended up looking good!